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#1026 - Mold Remediation/Inspection Initial $375.00 /per person



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This 2-day course is a combination of our Mold Inspection and Mold Remediation Training Courses. Day 1 will be the Mold Remediation Course and Day 2 will be the Mold Inspection Training.

Mold Inspection Course Description:
“Do I have mold?” This is the question consultants are hearing almost every day. There are many opinions on how to respond to this question. Who’s right and who’s wrong? Who knows! However, at CAL INC, we discuss the numerous methods and guidelines being generally utilized in today’s MOLD industry.

This course is designed to prepare students to recognize, evaluate, investigate, sample, and interpret our #1 environmental problem affecting us today, “MOLD”. Each student will receive a CAL INC Certified Mold Inspection Training Manual. In addition, the course includes lecture, discussion, group activities, practical exercises, and hands-on training using state-of-the-art equipment.

This course includes:
•Real-life scenarios
•Hands-on training
•What is mold!
•Causes of mold infestation
•Health effects of mold
•How to conduct an initial “walk-through”
•Various sampling procedures
•How to sample when
•Ways to protect yourself and your employees during inspection
•Interpretation of the laboratory results

Mold Remediation Course Description:
The concern over the indoor exposure to mold has been increasing at an alarming rate. Therefore, it becomes necessary to identify those persons who have the special knowledge and training to address this problem. CALINC Training can supply that training.

The prevention of mold growth is only possible if the factors causing the growth are identified, controlled, and eliminated. This section of the course will address the causes of microbial (mold) infestation, how to recognize it, what to do about it, how to protect yourself from it, and how to remediate it.

This course includes:
•Real-life scenarios
•Hands-on training
•What is mold!
•Causes of mold infestation
•Health effects of mold
•How to locate mold in residential and commercial properties
•Procedures for the remediation and removal of mold
•Prevention of further infestation
•Ways to protect yourself and your employees during remediation
•Legal issues associated with mold remediation

Course Hours: 8:00AM-4:30PM

Participants are provided with light breakfast pastries and lunch from one of our local restaurant vendors. Lunch is provided at the Vacaville location ONLY. Lunch is NOT available at the Richmond Field Station or Humboldt State University.



  April 22, 2020 - April 23, 2020 (Virtual Classroom)

  June 17, 2020 - June 18, 2020 (Fairfield)

  July 22, 2020 - July 23, 2020 (Fairfield)

  August 19, 2020 - August 20, 2020 (Fairfield)

  September 23, 2020 - September 24, 2020 (Fairfield)

  October 21, 2020 - October 22, 2020 (Fairfield)

  November 18, 2020 - November 19, 2020 (Fairfield)

  December 22, 2020 - December 23, 2020 (Fairfield)

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