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#1027 - Lead Awareness - 2 hours

#1030 - Asbestos Awareness - 2 Hours

#1030 - Asbestos Awareness - 4 hours

#1048 - Confined Space Awareness (8 hour)

#1163 - Asbestos Awareness w/ Fit Testing

#1198 - Asbestos & Lead Awareness

#1304 - CAL INC Covid-19 Administrative Worker Protection Awareness (Virtual)

#1305 - COVID-19 Essential Worker Protection (Virtual) ONLY

#1306 - COVID-19 Worker Protection for Clean-Up & Disinfecting (Virtual) ONLY

BUNDLE 1: COVID-19 Safety Compliance Officer - Cal/OSHA 30 HOUR, CPR/FIRST AID

BUNDLE 2: COVID-19 Safety Compliance Officer - Cal/OSHA 30 HOUR, FIRST AID/CPR, #1305 - COVID-19 Essential Worker Protection

BUNDLE 3: COVID-19 Safety Compliance Officer -Cal/OSHA 30 HOUR, FIRST AID/CPR, #1306 COVID Essential Worker AND Disinfection

BUNDLE 4: #1001 Asb Maintenance Worker & #1306 -COVID-19 Worker Protection for Clean-Up & Disinfecting (Virtual)

BUNDLE 5: #1042 First Aid/CPR, #1306 -COVID-19 Worker Protection for Clean-Up & Disinfecting (Virtual)

BUNDLE 6: #1003 - Asbestos Contractor Supervisor Initial and #1306 -COVID-19 Worker Protection for Clean-Up & Disinfecting (V

Disturbing Soil with Naturally Occurring Asbestos (NOA)


CALINC is pleased to be able to provide our top notch training courses for our students and clients during this uncertain timeframe.

Sign up today and we will provide you with a confirmation letter and instructions via email. Please feel free to call our office for more information at (707) 446-7996 or (800) 359-4467.


Each student must have the ability to access our virtual courses individually online. For example, if you are enrolling multiple students in a single course, please ensure that an individual email address is provided for each student when registering.


We at CAL INC are taking active steps to ensure that we are still able to provide our clients with the same quality experience they would normally receive in our classrooms even while honoring stay at home orders and social distancing. As such, we will be providing students who register for an Asbestos or Lead initial course with a downloadable PDF of our regulations manual! After receiving the GoToTraining link for your course, please register and download the regulations manual prior to the course date.


Continuing education required for the biennial renewal of the applicant's registration will be 24 contact hours offered by accreditation agencies (AA) that have been approved by the CDPH REHS Program. CAL INC is an accredited agency (AA). Please email
training@cal-inc.com to request a special form for your CE biennial renewal.


Upon completion of this course, a digital copy of your certificate will be emailed to you within 2 business days of processed payment. If you would like to receive a hard copy of your certificate, please submit a request with your current mailing address to training@cal-inc.com.

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