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#1163 - Asbestos Awareness w/ Fit Testing


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This(2)hour class is required, at a minimum for all service workers (maintenance and custodial staff) whose jobs require them to be in contact with, yet not disturbing asbestos materials. This course is required for school custodial staff who work in a building which contains asbestos, even if they do not contact the material.
Students will briefly cover each of the following topics: General use of asbestos , potential health effects, avoiding, recognizing, and reporting damage to asbestos-containing materials, and a regulatory overview.
Employers of students taking this course should be aware that OSHA and AHERA regulations require that employees be made aware of specific asbestos-containing materials (assumed or known) in the building in which they work. This may require employers to supplement this course with their own site specific information in order to meet the regulatory requirements. CALINC Training may be able to assist employers with these additional requirements.

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Please call 1-800-359-4467 if you are interested in enrolling in this course. Currently course registration is not available through the website.

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